Emergency Readiness Committee:

Living in Lake Forest, we are very lucky to have a dedicated and trained Emergency Response Team, that also include St. Lucie County, Community Emergency Response Team (C.E.R.T.) trained members; ready for emergencies weather natural or manmade. Dan Bogan Chairs and Brian Ford Co–Chairs the Lake Forest Emergency Readiness Committee (ERC), reporting to Jack Minenna, President of the HOA Board of Directors. Their charge is “to develop our self-help capability in the event that calamity overwhelms our government agencies and they become unable to respond to our community’s emergency needs.” (Details on the Emergency Plan and other disaster resources are available at the Lake Forest website.

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Emergency Response Committee Living where we do the potential for a disaster is very real and go beyond hurricanes including the possibility of an accident involving of hazardous materials on the Turnpike or trouble at the nuclear power plant on Hutchinson Island or a natural gas leak, which we have already experienced. During the course of the year our E.R.C. holds training sessions generally at the club house in an effort to familiarize the committee members and residents on the response plan elements and other aspects of emergency operations i.e. fire prevention, fire extinguisher use emergency radio communications and other pertinent subjects. With any plan communication is of paramount importance and includes our Ham Radio Station located at the clubhouse. We are partnered with St. Lucie County ARIES group who provides operators that man our base station when necessary, providing direct communications with St Lucie County Emergency Management Center insuring our request for emergency resources such as Police, Fire, EMS, Public Works or Utilities will be dispatched in a timely manner. However, we are in need of HAM operators within our community insuring we can be self supporting if we need to be. Training for new operators is available, conducted by the ARIES group at the clubhouse. We would encourage residents to take advantage of this important opportunity to become a HAM operator and support your community in time of need. Additionally, during Halloween night the ERC works with PSL PD providing gate and mobile security for our community. This has been in affect for a few years now and has been very successful.

As one can see our community is very active in keeping it prepared safe and secure. Our Emergency Response Plan has served us well and has been a model for other communities making us very proud to be a part its success. The Team's organization relies on having a large number of community members to execute the plan when the need arises involved as Zone Leaders, Block Captains and specialists. Currently, there exist opportunities in each of these capacities. We would enjoy talking with you and discussing how you can participate.
For more information contact: Dan Bogan or Brian Ford at our office 772-878-1944 or

Landscape Committee- Nancy Meyer, Brenda East, Rebecca Osborne, Mary Loftus and Gloria Dendler


If you are a new resident of Lake Forest, welcome to our beautiful community! If you have been around awhile, you may remember the former community landscaping crew. We did a few planting projects around the neighborhood as a group, and hope to do that again in the future. Doug Duckett was a wonderful chair to this committee and he did quite a few nice areas. Thanks so much Doug! Now that he has moved, I will be the new chair. Thanks to Rebecca Osborne, Brenda East, and Gloria Dendler who have helped with plantings thus far.

We are fortunate here to have a professional landscape company to do the larger plantings and keep things looking nice. As a committee, we are responsible for the planters around the larger north pool, the beds around the bike rack and flagpole, and any smaller areas that need a spot of color in the winter and spring seasons.

What we do need are helpers available to assist with that occasional planting project and the weeding and extra watering of existing planters. Areas do have irrigation, but may need an additional watering periodically. We have all the tools and the work is light. Please let me know if you would like either to be on the committee, or just help with the occasional project. You can contact me directly or leave a message at the office. We will also utilize the community calling system to inform you about larger projects.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions or would like to help. I would enjoy meeting you!

Nancy Meyer

Covenant & Restrictions Enforcement - Larry D'Angelo      

Architectural - Lonnie Hopkins

C.O.P.  - Gladys Fuentes